Unborn Child

This project was inspired by a note found on the Ladies’ room floor at the Museum of Modern Art that I picked up and put in in my purse. Months later I remembered the note and took it out. The grammar and writing was poor but the message was heartbreaking and profound. A note written to her Unborn Child from a mother to be, not knowing what to do. For more than a year I kept thinking about this girl or woman and her note and what might have happend. I finally made these works. I used her own handwriting and exact words. Nothing has been changed, just enlarged. —Inge Norgaard

"Unborn child I don’t really know what should I do now. I know you’re innocent and I should not get you to involved with this affair. You are a unfortunate one who born to be my child and I don’t want you to know I am such a mother like this. Please forgive me if I give up you. I actually don't want to abandon you but maybe this would be the best option for you and me, and also other people as well. 
Sorry my little baby..."


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